Pilot Year

We launch with the goal to go beyond beyond the generic three levels of the IT. The mission: To provide expert technology service that contributes toward business growth, and tackle problems the right way.
20 05

Recession blues

We are survivors of the 2010 recession solely because of our commitment in always serving our customers to the best of our capabilities.

20 10

Earned our name

One-hundred percent of our clients refer us to their business associates, proving to us that we’ve earned our name. We’re more driven to continue our mission than ever before.
20 15


Initial struggle

A limited workforce means we must hustle that much harder to deliver our promises to clients. We begin to see the results of our hard work; motivating us to to strive to do even better.

20 07

Growth period

With new clients committed to us, we increased our workforce and setup offices in strategic locations to provide better services.

20 13

Still going strong

With over 300 projects completed, 22 staff members, multiple offices and strong partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Barracuda, we steadily continue to grow and learn.
20 17
Solution: Sherry hires Level4 IT to consult on the issue. We conduct research on Sherry's behalf and notice an obvious need for a centralized server-based network. We then conduct additional research, contact several vendors, negotiate prices and create a cost-effective, Microsoft Server solution that solves her current dilemma as well as provide her with an ample amount of room for growth.
​The complete network solution includes:
  • Central server with Microsoft Server 2008 setup for centralized file and print sharing. In addition, each employee receives a custom account to access the network as well as the ability to save important files and documents to their personal folders.
  • Microsoft Exchange so that each employee has access to an email account which can be accessed internally through Outlook and externally through their Smartphone or Web Application.
  • Central Backup: Since all information resides on the server, we configured a tape backup system with Symantec Backup for a daily full backup of all files and folders
  • Wireless Network: A secured wireless network is setup for internal users only.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Secured VPN connections are setup for specific employees to access network resources remotely.
This purpose of this solution is to provide the business owner with Flexibility, Mobility and Security with plenty of room for growth. This solution will allow users to share files, centrally maintain future applications, backup all resources automatically daily, and give employees the ability to work remotely.
Solution: Jim and the company decide to hire Level4 IT to help with the initial project as well as assist Jim hire qualified IT employees and help establish an IT department.

  • Project Part 1:
    We first setup a long-term project plan and bring in our own consultants to help Jim negotiate and purchase the equipment. We also help Jim find a suitable co-location facility with adequate power and redundancy, to setup and initiate the project.
  • Project Part 2:
    We find key individuals with a background and experience in Microsoft, Cisco, and other technical qualifications needed for the project and begin the initial installation and setup.
  • Project Part 3:
    Once the infrastructure is setup, we help Jim (newly promoted CIO) interview and source out several qualified individuals to assist in the ongoing support of the Network and users. We help Jim hire a Senior Network Engineer certified in Cisco Routing, a Microsoft Certified Engineer and a Jr. Project Manager. We then hand over all support and operations of the new IT dept over to Jim and his employees.
Having a versatile partner like Level4 IT can help a business act quickly by leveraging resources it doesn’t immediately have. Level4 IT has access to qualified individuals and can help initiate and manage projects from day one!