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Can Artificial Intelligence Help with Cybersecurity?

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Artificial intelligence. It’s the latest buzzword taking over the tech space, and for a good reason. Automating business practices leads to increased productivity, fewer errors, and the technology can adapt to specific business operations by taking advantage of machine learning. These modern technologies can help businesses operate more efficiently and improve the bottom line.

While all these changes are taking place on the operational front, there are other beneficial applications for artificial intelligence. One of the most significant uses is for cybersecurity. Before we dive into how you can integrate AI into your cybersecurity plan, let’s get a better understanding of artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI as it’s commonly known, is when general human abilities are captured in software that can learn and find solutions when faced with a problem. This type of software can store and process massive amounts of data to generate solutions to various issues. This technology functions much like a human brain, making decisions by analyzing the available information.

As the software is given more inputs, or data, it can learn new possible solutions. This means that the systems are always learning and evolving as the business changes. This is beneficial to businesses because machines can process information more quickly than people and machines can operate during all parts of the day, helping businesses increase efficiency and productivity. In this way, AI can work to keep data safe and secure.

Advantages of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity practices

AI technology can prevent an attack from happening while detecting and analyzing emerging threats to minimize the potential for a cyberattack on your business. The AI software can monitor your network 24/7 to spot any unusual patterns or actions while alerting you to these inconsistencies so you can explore further. Here are some of the greatest benefits of utilizing AI in your cybersecurity practices:

    • AI is always learning

The software can continually expand to take in new information and apply those to future decisions. An excellent way to think about this is if you train the machine with the knowledge of your best IT employees, the outcome will be a system that is as smart as the combined brainpower of your entire IT team. Say your team is comprised of 10 standout individuals, the machine will act as though all 10 of those employees are working as one. This ability to grow and evolve makes this software a viable solution for cybersecurity. As new malware codes emerge, the software can learn what those are quickly and be able to respond to them instantly.

    • AI can spot threats quickly

The algorithms designed to detect potential risks can be enforced in real time, responding immediately to possible attacks. Everything that the software learned can be deployed and acted upon quickly to prevent an attack from spreading further into your network. It can also respond to new and emerging threats by learning new patterns. There are millions of new malware sequences created each month, and the ability to learn and adapt on the spot makes AI an excellent solution for your business.

    • AI is always working

While employees take days off or break between shifts, AI is still on the lookout for potential threats. You can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to the security of your business, so you need that constant level of attention that AI can deliver. When a threat presents itself, you don’t want to rely on employees who may or may not detect or react quickly enough. AI is on the case 24/7 to continually monitor for new threats and eliminate those threats rapidly before they get into your system.

How to implement artificial intelligence into your existing cybersecurity plan

It might be intimidating to rely on new technology to protect your business, but taking small, calculated steps to automate your security practices can help you maintain a high level of protection. When AI is used in tandem with traditional security solutions, the result is comprehensive monitoring and quick responding technology that can identify and solve security intrusions to protect your business from suffering a massive cyberattack.

Key takeaway: if used correctly, automation can help to keep your business secure

With software that can learn and retain the knowledge of your best employees, your business data can remain safe and secure with around the clock monitoring and prevention solutions. Imagine what such a robust system can do for you.
The security experts at Level 4 IT can help you identify the right steps for your business and walk through tailored AI solutions for your business. We want to make sure you trust the systems you rely on, so we will work together to find the highest level of protection you need.