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Ways to Use the Cloud for Your Small Business

The cloud can bring tremendous computing power to your small business. Whether you’re familiar with cloud computing or you think the mystical cloud exists only in the sky in puffs of seemingly white smoke, we’re here to teach you how to implement cloud technology for your small business.

The cloud is a centralized location, that can be accessed on the internet, designed to store your data. This means that your business files and applications can be accessible to employees no matter where they are or what device they’re using, granted they have an internet connection. Technology like this can transform the way you conduct business, making it easier faster and more secure than ever before.

Now that you understand precisely what the cloud is, you might be wondering how you can utilize it for your small business. Here are a few ways you can leverage the cloud for your company and its employees.

1. As a Data Backup

You might already know the importance of backing up your data in case of hardware failure, flood or other disasters. When you save your company’s data to the cloud, it automatically updates even as you and your employees are working. Gone are the days when you need to make copies of your work and store them in another location. The cloud is already an alternate location where your information can be accessed from anywhere. If your equipment is damaged due to flood or fire, or if there is a theft, your data will be safely tucked away offsite in the cloud.

2. To Create Mobile Workspaces

Workforces are becoming more mobile than ever, and the cloud is a great way to keep up with emerging technology while allowing your employees the flexibility to work anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have physical offices where employees work or have a workforce that travels across the country to do business, you can benefit from offering mobility to your employees. The cloud fosters this working environment by allowing employees to access and sync data wherever they are. This means wherever they go, so does your office and all the functionality they need to keep a high level of productivity.

3. As a Collaboration Tool

No matter what industry you’re in, working together is probably a central part of ensuring the work gets done. The cloud can help with that, making sharing and editing data effortless. With cloud technology, employees can share files with a simple link instead of emailing large files that would need to be downloaded and take up valuable storage space within employee machines. You can even share campaign stats, analytics or data with clients, increasing transparency and your credibility too.

4. To Store Your Files

Storing large files on your local hard drives can bog down your employee’s machines and end up costing your business more to increase storage space on your local systems. If your company frequently works with images, audio or video, the cloud is almost essential to ensuring that your files are stored safely at an offsite location. Moving your data to the cloud frees up your machines to store any files or applications your employees use daily.

5. To Minimize IT Issues

Your data is essential to business operations and ensuring your files are protected is no small feat. By using the cloud to store your information, you are leaving the IT and scheduled maintenance tasks to the third party that you choose as your cloud provider. You no longer need to employ a full team of IT experts to ensure you’re operating safely and securely. The technology and services are routinely updated and managed by experts that are outside of your organization, saving you countless hassles and headaches.

These are just a few of the best ways your business can utilize cloud technology. These tasks will end up becoming easier so your employees can focus on getting their job done and not cleaning up their hard drive or performing IT updates. Perhaps the best part about moving to the cloud is that you only pay for the services that you use, saving your company money. If you infuse the cloud into your business, you will start to see the benefits in your bottom line in the immediate savings upfront and the enhanced productivity of your employees.

We understand that it can seem daunting to move your business operations to the cloud. If you have questions or need assistance in deciding on the best course of action for your business, the security experts at Level 4 IT are always ready to help. Our team of dedicated professionals seeks to find the right software solutions that work for your business, increasing security and productivity along the way.