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10 Business Features of the Apple iPhone – Increase your productivity with these iOS 12 features

Level4 IT - Apple iOS Features

If you run an office that provides Apple devices for employees or if you use an Apple iPhone to conduct business, you’ll be pleased to hear about the release of Apple’s iOS 12 earlier this month. Many feature updates will not only improve the way you do business but make your life a whole lot easier.

Increased Performance

The enhanced performance will be the first thing you notice when you download iOS 12. Apps start faster, the keyboard appears faster, and the camera launches significantly quicker than in previous software versions. These performance updates are designed to enhance the productivity of your business, adding extra levels of convenience and operability for each of your team members. Here are some more of the top features that will improve the way you do business with an Apple iPhone and iOS 12.


With the release of iOS 12, notifications are now stacked up using Grouped Notifications, so you can view and get rid of multiple notifications from a single app, or based on a single topic, all at once. You can manage these notifications while on-the-go, directly from the lock screen. The notifications will appear as a stack on your screen, so you always know how much work is waiting for you even when you are away from the office.

The Do Not Disturb (DND) feature gets a major upgrade in iOS 12. Aside from nighttime hours, you can disable all notifications or alerts while you are in a specific location, during a designated time, like during a meeting or event, so you can share ideas and network without being interrupted by your phone constantly buzzing. You even have the option to opt in for critical alerts, so vital information can still get through to your phone even when you have DND turned on.

Group FaceTime

As the workforce becomes more mobile, video chat features like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom become a lifeline to conduct business meetings. Face-to-face interaction allows for productive meetings and connects your team and clients. Apple now has a useful alternative to those previously mentioned, as Group FaceTime will enable users to host audio and video sessions with up to 32 participants. FaceTime will enlarge the speaker’s face while they are speaking and minimize it once they are finished, and you can launch the FaceTime meeting directly from a group thread using iMessage. Delivering a simple and fast option to quickly conduct meetings while on-the-go will allow for more productive meetings when all your team members or clients cannot be in the office.

Augmented Reality

Collaboration in the workplace is essential to driving successful projects, and AR is leading the charge by delivering enhanced AR capabilities. Users can create shared experiences using AR, to interact with the same project or environment simultaneously while using separate devices. AR can also be an excellent marketing tool, adding an element of reality to the materials you are sending out. Teams can even send 3D objects through mail and messages, so clients or colleagues can view these objects in a real-life environment. With iOS 12 also comes a new app that uses AR to allow you to accurately measure objects, walls, and surfaces by merely framing the item using the camera on your iPhone. If your business relies on precise measurements, this can help you measure things quickly while on-the-go. Augmented Reality is changing the future of business, and you can be at the forefront with the latest iPhone software release.

Screen Time

Productivity can take a significant hit when you have direct access to videos, games and social media platforms on your phone everywhere you go. If you find yourself constantly checking your phone or browsing YouTube videos when you should be getting work done, Screen Time is here to rescue you.

With Screen Time, you have all your browsing data at your fingertips. You can discover how much time you spend on apps and websites with comprehensive daily and weekly reports. The reports outline how much time you spend with certain apps and records how often you pick up iPhone when you get notifications. Once you know where you are wasting the most time, you can begin to limit your exposure to those apps throughout the day. There is even an App Limits feature, which allows you set custom limits on how much time you engage with a certain app. You’ll receive a notification, letting you know it is time to shift your focus to key business initiatives.


Shortcuts is a feature that monitors your usage patterns and suggests actions that are built to save you time and money. With the latest iOS release, you can now create custom shortcuts for the apps you use the most. Having the ability to create custom shortcuts means you don’t have to navigate to an app and launch it manually, you can initiate it by merely completing an action, like a specific tap on the screen. Siri can offer suggestions based on your usage, and you can create a shortcut using a phrase or voice command. If you rely on email to power your business, you can create a shortcut to get to your email faster than ever. This feature is designed primarily to save you time and increase productivity.


Imagine you’re in a meeting or conference and you need to pull up a picture. Whether it was a group of people from that event you attended or the notes from that ideation session you had earlier in the week, the new search features suggest objects, recent events, people and places using machine learning. This gives you quicker access to the images you need. You can even search your photos using keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.


Your data and private information always need to remain protected, and the iOS 12 update is built to ensure your data remains safe and secure, even while working on your iPhone. iOS has built-in encryption, on-device intelligence, and other tools that enable you to share protected information with clients, employees, or team members. Share buttons and comment widgets cannot track you without your permission, meaning that your information will not be shared unless you allow it to become shareable. These increased security measures are designed to keep your business running safely and securely, even outside of your office walls.

Stronger Passwords

Passwords are the key to all your business and personal information, so it’s vital that you have passwords that aren’t subject to vulnerability. The iOS 12 update automatically suggests unique passwords for all apps and websites and simultaneously saves those complex passwords. These individual, complicated passwords will prevent people from stealing your valuable information while the saving function means you will not have to remember each combination of unique letters, numbers, and symbols. Ensuring your device and apps are protected by strong passwords will keep your business running smoothly, all while protecting your essential information.

Battery Life Insights

When fielding calls or responding to essential business emails, you cannot risk using up all your battery. After all, a dead iPhone is of no use to you. Your phone is your lifeline when it comes to conducting business and preserving the battery life is of the utmost importance. The latest release of iOS 12 delivers insight into your usage, with an enhanced usage chart that shows you battery usage over the last 24 hours or 10 days. Once you know what times and activities are using the most battery, you can stay more in control and be prepared.

So Much More

This latest iOS release delivers enhancements and new features that help businesses gain efficiency and productivity while using your iPhone. Countless redesigned apps will improve the way you conduct business. Voice Memos, the app that records your voice, can now sync directly to your iCloud so you can have access to your recordings from any device. If you use the recordings to capture big ideas or record group meetings, you can now access those files no matter where you are. The Apple News app also went through a redesign to better serve your business needs. The updated Stocks app delivers relevant financial news and so much more.

This new release gives iPhones, both old and new, much-needed enhancements to functionality and overall performance. Perhaps the most significant improvement that affects your business is the security and password updates. You can now sleep well at night knowing that your important information is protected. The remaining enhancements center around productivity and collaboration. It is easier than ever to connect with your team, share ideas and streamline your business practices straight from your iPhone. You can count on a better experience working with your teams, and a better overall user experience.

If you have any questions about security and privacy for the latest iOS 12 release, the professionals at Level 4 IT can help you navigate the complexities of doing business on your phone.