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Common Complaints about Office Phone Systems

Are you getting the most out of your office phone system?

4 Common Complaints about Phone Systems

Being an IT Company, we come across many issues…one being office phone systems. Over the years we see one common problem; Office phone systems that are installed by local Telecom companies and then left to the office staff to support and maintain, while charging them a PREMIUM!

Guess what happens next? The office staff decides to forward those phone issues to their IT company! And because there was so much going back and forth between us and the telecom company, we decided it was easier for us to create our own Custom Business Phone System, developed by our in-house telecom team.

The Level4 IT business telephone system will provide your business with much-needed features to make your business more efficient, and reduce your high phone bill.

The 4 most common complaints about office phone systems

  1. We’re tired of dealing with complex tech, and we can’t get any help from the phone company! – The Level4 IT phone system is fully deployed and managed by us! You and your staff will not have to worry about dealing with complex technology. We will consult, design and deploy a customized phone system tailored for your business and provide IT support along with it.
Here’s the problem: When a new phone system is deployed on the Network, it needs to be configured properly so that it doesn’t interfere with your Internet connection and other Network activities. Truth is, the phone company doesn’t care about your Network, they’re more concerned about making a sale and leaving the rest to you.
  1. We’re not happy with the capabilities and features we currently have – Many phone companies will charge you for every little feature and then some! Our phone system includes features like Call Park, Call-Hold, Call-Transfer, 3-Way Calling, Custom IVR (professionally recorded) and much more, which are fully integrated into the platform.
  2. I’m worried about downtime – With the Level4 IT phone system, your entire system will be hosted on the cloud. You will not have any on-premise equipment to manage, and you will not have to worry about phone services being down during a disaster.
  3. I’m fed up with the high phone bill; we’re not getting much for what we pay – Many of our clients became tired of the phone companies nickel-and-diming for features and charging unnecessary service fees. Our research found that, on average, a business with 30 extensions can be paying as much as $2000 per month!! ? With our phone system, you will have one price with taxes and fees included. You will never have to pay for additional features.


 We don’t have proper call analytics – One feature that every business can use are Call Analytics. With information about incoming and outgoing calls, you’re able to use it to better manage your business. Imagine what you can do if you knew how many calls came in between 9am and 1pm. How many calls were dropped? How long were callers holding? Which options are being chosen more? You can better manage your business using that information.

 (Our services start at $15 per extension with all taxes & fees included)

Level4 IT can easily help your business deploy a new telephone system and lower your communications costs almost immediately. Most of our clients receive a return on investment within 12 months. Call us today at 888.831.6412 to find out how much your business can save!