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May 6, 2017
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June 12, 2017

2017 Technology Trends

Technology seems to evolve exponentially with every year that passes. Even the evolution of flat screen TVs and handheld computers seems to have happened overnight.

Below are a few technology trends to pay close attention to during 2017 that can affect the IT industry:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve already begun to see AI technology through the development of Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Google’s Home. AI development is starting to focus on self-learning and adaptive behavior rather than the simple commands on the market today.

With the development of these skills, AI will be able to go as far as predict the behaviors of users, companies or even cyber attacks. While this is great news for the cyber security world, its full impact on the job market and economy is still unknown.

Virtual or Augmented Reality

For video game enthusiasts, virtual reality has been a game changer, but what about the implications for everyday people? Virtual and augmented reality is beginning to create immersive environments in real time and may be the newest face of advertisements.

Soon virtual and augmented reality will advance to include all human senses. It will evolve to be used in interactive training scenarios as well as remote work opportunities. The limits are truly endless.

Intelligence Apps

For busy executives, or even stay-at-home moms, intelligence apps are gaining prevalence. The current focus is on virtual personal assistants (VPA) that make everyday tasks easier by prioritizing emails and highlighting important content. These apps will continue to adapt to include an even larger array of services, such as sales and marketing duties and cyber security benefits.

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows computers to continually adapt when given new information. Based on previous data, they are able to make decisions and produce results. An example of this is the algorithm used for Google or Bing’s search results.

Machine learning helps to offer better recommendations to users as well as help fight cyber attacks by detecting fraud and minimizing identify theft through cyber surveillance.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is basically a digital ledger that allows companies and users to be on the same page with contracts, payments and invoices. It is a way to digitally track all transactions in a safe environment. Proponents of Blockchain say it will be safer than Bitcoin and will lead to less cyber security issues.

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