2017 Technology Trends
June 12, 2017

What Does IT Management Entail?

Information Technology (IT) is more important than ever due to the continuous rise of technology. To understand what IT management entails, it’s important to first fully understand what IT entails. Simply put, IT is the application of computers in order to store, retrieve, manipulate and transmit data between people, businesses and the world in general.

So what is IT management?

IT management is the field of work where all IT resources involved in a business are managed. Depending on each company’s needs and priorities, these can include things such as overseeing computer hardware in an office, making sure software is up to date, managing data and networks, handling technological support and even employing staff members. IT management is responsible for the entirety of the organization’s technological infrastructure.

In addition to overseeing physical resources involved with technology, IT management also ensures that resources are being utilized to provide substantial value to a company. It is important to constantly monitor the requirements, strategies and solutions needed to optimize a company’s systems. IT management is in tune with reaching a company’s goals and work.

IT management also includes basic managerial functions. This includes budgeting and organizing the technology sector as well as staffing, planning, support and design. IT management involves holding accountability for all ongoing aspects of the IT sector in a business.

In order to work in IT management, a person must have an extensive educational background with good credentials and experience. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information, but related fields are sometimes accepted. Some companies may even require an MBA degree or supplemental training.

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